About Us

ITC – School of Laws where Excellence is the ONLY standard

Our well developed infrastructure for providing the best education systems, incorporates the following:

  • Strong faculty of committed full-time lecturers to disseminate the subject matter.
  • Comfortable and aesthetically pleasing study environment.
  • Average student to teacher ratio of 20 to 30 students to 1 teacher.
  • Comprehensive lecture notes for each topic which are thoroughly researched and written by the respective principal lecturers. This is supple mented by seminars to ensure a complete understanding of the subject matter.


  • Seminar Packs with a compilation of past year examination questions, to be used during tutorials to gain experience in the answering techniques.
  • Comprehensive Revision Handbooks for all the subjects, with charts and sample answers, adding an examination emphasis.
  • An Intensive Revision Course at the end of the academic year geared towards enhancing examination prowess with emphasis on the latest changes in the law.


  • One-to-one sessions with lecturers (on request) for the purposes of clarification, known as the SASSY – the Student Assistance Support System.
  • A library which is open 7 days a week providing invaluable opportunity to facilitate research and quiet study.
  • Law reports available through an online portal.
  • A student lounge that is available for the students to take some time out from studies and to relax.


Class/Room Facilities Capacity
#03-01 : Lecture Room: 38.77 sqm 30
#03-02 : Lecture Room: 59.84 sqm 50
#04-01 : Lecture Room: 117.91 sqm 110
#04-02 : Training Room: 15.99 sqm 10
#05-01 : Lecture Room: 38 sqm 30
#05-02 : Lecture Room: 59.84 50
3 Lounge areas at the Lift Lobbies