About Us

“We consistently produce over 90% of honours students every year.”

ITC School of Laws has consistently produced some of the top graduates from the University of London International Programmes. Our track record in terms of results is one of the best in the world for the Bachelor of Laws and the Diploma in Law, now renamed to Certificate of Higher Education in Common Law.

It is our vision to be internationally competent, locally sensitive and everywhere excellent. In keeping with this, over the years, our students have had the honour of being the only First Class Honours recipients in the world for the Bachelor of Laws programme or being awarded the top student in the world award for either the Diploma in Law or the Bachelor of Laws.

Every year, we have produced anywhere between 4 to 11 Second Class Upper Honours in an individual academic year. More than 90% of our students in a graduating class obtain an Honours Degree every year. This is a tremendous achievement by our students given the rigours of the University of London International Programmes examination.





  • In the year 2013, we had 8 students in Singapore with Second Class Upper Honours Degrees. This is the highest number of Second Class Upper Honours Degrees achieved in Singapore by any institution for the University of London Bachelor of Laws programme.
  • In the year 2007, ITC- School of Laws produced WORLD-CLASS Results by producing the ONLY First Class Honours Degree recipient in Singapore, Mr Tan You Leong. He was one of the three First Class Honours Degree graduates worldwide on the University of London External System. He was also recognised as the BEST student in the world by the University of London. ITC was also responsible for producing 11 Second Class Upper Honours degree graduates in that year. (6 in Singapore and 5 in Hong Kong, where we have an academic collaboration).
  • In the year 2006, whilst the University of London did not award any First Class Honours Degrees, our Ms Chua En Min obtained the Brigid Cotter prize for the best performance on Scheme A Part 2 of a student not in full-time education and we were responsible for producing 9 Second Class Upper Honours Degrees that year (5 from Singapore and 4 from Hong Kong where we have an academic collaboration)
  • In 2004, there were ONLY TWO First Class Honours Degree awards obtained Worldwide. One was our student and the other was from ATC in KL (with whom we have an academic collaboration). The TOP student in the World for the Diploma in Law in 2004 was Ms Chua En Min from ITC

The results we have produced over the years in the Bachelor of Laws Programme would attest to our tradition of excellence. In recognition of our sustained commitment to academic performance, the University of London has awarded us the Affiliate Centre status and we were part of the original batch of only 8 institutions worldwide to be awarded that status for law programmes.