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About the Course

Students who do not wish to pursue the Certificate in Higher Education (Common Law) programme, which requires 4 Subjects for successful completion, may choose to do Individual Courses of their choice, and be awarded Certificates from the University of London.

Essentially, students are studying one or more of the subjects from the Bachelor of Laws syllabus. You may choose to be examined on this individual subject and, on passing, will receive a Certificate for that subject.

The wide range of subjects that students may choose from are:

  • Law of Contract
  • Public Law
  • Criminal Law
  • Common Law Reasoning & Institutions
  • Property Law
  • Law of Torts
  • Law of Trust
  • Commercial Law

  • Evidence
  • Family Law
  • Company Law
  • EU Law
  • Jurisprudence & Legal Theory
  • Intellectual Property
  • Succession


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  • 2016 Examinations: 8 (EIGHT) 2nd Class upper honours
  • Affiliate Centre: The Highest recognition by the University of London
  • Recognised for entry into UK and Australian universities
  • Specialist Law School

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Are you ready to pursue a legal career?

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Entry Requirements

To be eligible to register you must be at least 17 years of age at the time of registration and have passes in:

Either two subjects at GCE level and at least three further subjects at GCSE or GCE  level (at not less than grade C or a if taken prior to 1975); OR

Three subjects at GCE  level (one of which must be at least grade D or above) or three subjects at GCE  level and one further subject at GCSE or GCE level (at not less than grade C)

or two subjects at GCE level and two further subjects at AS level. 


Note: Students cannot transfer to the LLB, Diploma in Law, Diploma in the Common Law or accumulate passes and then apply to be awarded the degree.


Are you ready to pursue a legal career?

Take a look at the elements of our programme.


Fees Payable to ITC School of Laws

ITC School Of Laws
Registration Fees S$500 Non-refundable One-Time Registration Fees payable to *ITC-School of Laws upon Enrolment (for all new students of ITC)
1 Subject : $2,940 + GST
= $3,145.80
Payable in instalments on commencement of the Part-Time Course to *ITC-School of Laws

Fees Payable to the University of London

Handling Fee
£72 Payable online to the University of London by 1 October together with the Application forms and True-certified copies of qualifications.
1 Subject : £446
(per individual course)
Payable online to the University of London by 30 November on the year of registration
Resit fee
 (for one paper)