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Whether you’re a practising lawyer, LLB graduate or non-legal professional, if you’re keen to develop your career, the new University of London Postgraduate Laws Programme has an option to suit you. This programme has been designed for total flexibility. As an External student you can study in whichever way you choose, to the level you want.

The programme is managed and the degree is awarded jointly by Queen Mary and University College London through the University of London and is of the same standard as the LL.M. conducted internally at these colleges. The degree is recognized internationally. The LL.M. allows the students to develop their interests in many areas of the law to which they have been introduced in the LL.B and provides an opportunity to study specialised areas beyond the scope of the undergraduate degree.

Apart from the obvious value of a postgraduate qualification, the LL.M. is largely attractive to those who practice or are intending to practice as lawyers in a particular field and who wish to have a firm academic grounding upon which to build their practical skills. Those working in a law related field such as insurance and shipping would also find the course very useful as the degree serves to sharpen intellectual skills and improve career prospects in the highly competitive work environment.

The attractiveness of the new programme is its flexibility and the choice of subjects that it offers.

Students can expect flexibility in the following:

  • Admissions – Applications are processed year round
  • Examinations – held twice a year
  • Study Period – from one to five years to achieve the LL.M.

  • Complete online distance-learning programme with the University of London International Programmes
  • Payment – pay upfront or pay as you go

In addition to the above choices, the programme also offers a broad range of subject specializations. So, a student can decide to qualify in a particular field or study several areas, depending on his/her own specific requirements, be it to enhance one’s career or for intellectual stimuli.

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  • 2016 Examinations: 8 (EIGHT) 2nd Class upper honours
  • Affiliate Centre: The Highest recognition by the University of London
  • Recognised for entry into UK and Australian universities
  • Specialist Law School

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Course Outline

The programme includes the Postgraduate Certificate in Laws and Postgraduate Diploma in Laws, as well as the Master of Laws (LLM). The Postgraduate Certificate and Postgraduate Diploma can be taken as stand-alone awards. You can also accumulate credits (within the University of London Postgraduate Laws programme) towards awards as you go, moving from the Postgraduate Certificate to the Postgraduate Diploma and on to the Master of Laws (LLM). What’s more, you can opt in or out at any stage.

  • Postgraduate Certificate – this award consists of five sections that can be chosen from a maximum of four courses.
  • Postgraduate Diploma – this award consists of 10 sections that can be chosen from a maximum of four courses.
  • Master of Laws (LLM) – this award consists of four courses.

A total of 27 Courses are available for students to choose from, of which the undermentioned nine are offered by ITC-School of Laws. However, kindly note that the classes for the undermentioned Courses will only commence subject to a minimum number of student registrations (at least 5 students per seminar class).





  • Each Section will be assessed by means of a 45 minutes unseen written examination. Students can choose the number of Sections that they wish to be examined in, at any one time. There are two examination sittings every year. Students will be allowed two attempts to pass each Section.
  • Upon completion of 5 Sections, students would be awarded a Post-Graduate Certificate and upon completion of 10 Sections, they would be awarded Post-Graduate Diploma should they decide to discontinue the programme. The full LLM would be awarded upon completion of all 16 Sections (4 Courses).
  • Candidates who wish to have a specialization endorsed in their Certificates must complete at least three Courses in particular areas as required by the specialization grouping.


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Entry Requirements

The entrance policy is highly flexible. Whatever your experience, there’s likely to be an entry level for you.

Solicitors, barristers and LLB (Second Class Honours) holders gain entry to study directly for the Master of Laws (LLM).

Non-law degree holders can apply to study for the Postgraduate Diploma or Postgraduate Certificate and then work towards the Master of Laws (LLM).

Non-graduates with five years’ work experience in a relevant field can apply to study for the Postgraduate Certificate and then work towards the Master of Laws (LLM).

More information on the new LLM and entry requirements can be found at the University of London website.

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The fees are made up of: a one-off registration fee of £800, plus £440 per section. Fees include all core study materials (textbooks and study-guides) and access to legal databases and online library resources, etc.

Total fees:


As you progress to a higher award, you only pay for the additional sections you study.

Registration and Examination Fees are payable to the University of London and RELC directly.

Where Seminar classes are confirmed with a minimum number of 5 student registrations per Course/Section, the Seminar Fees payable to ITC-School of Laws is S$500/- per Section. Seminars are held for four hours for each Section, totalling 16 hours per Course.

University of London Brochure and Leaflet can be downloaded here.