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Being a Specialist Law School, our institution believes in harnessing the ultimate potential of future legal practitioners and one way of doing this is through the organising of the annual moot competitions. A moot is a mock appellate court hearing where you are tested on your ability to present a legal argument and, of course, to rebut the opposition arguments. Moots are set in the appellate Courts (i.e. Court of Appeal and House of Lords, in the UK court system). Mooters act either for the appellant or respondent in teams of two in a problem case given to them. Each team is judged by one judge or a panel of three judges (in the higher levels).
Mooting is a unique and excellent way of developing basic research skills and good presentation skills. It also helps students become more organised as preparation includes creating an outline of the arguments, making legal bundles and ensuring a well-constructed speech. As a student of ITC, you would have the chance to participate in such an alluring and rewarding experience. It would be your first step towards becoming an astute legal eagle!