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Success Stories

“Obtaining a law degree has always been on my mind since I was exposed to law in a cross-faculty module taught during my stint in the Engineering Faculty at the National University of Singapore (NUS). Though I took up banking as a career after graduation, I have always wanted to study law in my spare time. I believe that getting a formal law education was not just about fulfilling my intellectual desires, but it would give me an invaluable legal perspective which would be useful in my life, be it professional or personal. I am thankful for the tremendous support provided by ITC throughout my studies, not to forget mentioning the phone calls from the Principal, Ms. Ananthi, to remind me when I missed school for several months due to personal and professional commitments. Thank you for everything!

Tan You Leong

LLB, (First Class Honours) 2007
Top student in the WORLD 2007

Before I embarked on my law degree with the University of Exeter, I enrolled on the University of London Diploma in Law programme conducted by ITC School of Laws in Singapore. My experience on the programme and the insights given by ITC lecturers greatly assisted me in my LL.B at Exeter. I had a clear and definite advantage whilst pursuing my degree as the subject matter covered at the Diploma in Law and the skill sets that I acquired in the process were relevant and useful for my LL.B. I eventually graduated from Exeter and am now pursuing the Singapore Bar exams. As I am at the tail end of my journey to be qualified to practice as a lawyer in Singapore, I am thankful for the invaluable guidance given by the ITC lecturers at the initial stage. The law programme at ITC has been a crucial stepping stone on my journey to be a lawyer.

Jason Kam

LL.B (Hons) Exeter

Enrolling into UOL Diploma in Laws programme offered by ITC School of Laws, earned me a place in the University of Liverpool. It armed me with the necessary tools providing me with a competitive edge over many others to excel in university. Much of the training, discipline and transferable skills obtained from the time of my enrolment into the programme has found its way into enriching my daily life.

Jonathan Cheong

Final Year LLB University of Liverpool

The UOL Diploma in Law at ITC has given me an invaluable edge in Law school. I enrolled myself in ITC to gain first-hand knowledge and experience into what studying law in the UK would entail. This has proved instrumental to my performance in school; allowing me to grasp my curriculum excellently, enriching my learning journey and achieving outstanding results during my first year. Independent learning, research skills and critical analysis are some of the key skills I have honed throughout my academic rigour in ITC, which are material to my success.

Nur Adilah

Final Year LLB University of Liverpool

I was accepted into the University of Sheffield with my Diploma in Law results. I have been told by some lecturers at Sheffield that they prefer students who've had prior knowledge of the law instead of just an 'A' level background. The UOL Diploma in Law has equipped me with the necessary skills needed for me to survive law school. The team at ITC School of Laws is knowledgeable and ever so helpful.

Tan Weida

2nd Year LLB University of Sheffield

I embarked on the University of London Diploma in Law at ITC School of Laws and it is through this course that I managed to earn a place at University College London (UCL) for their under-graduate law programme. I feel that the delivery and organisation of the programme at ITC has prepared me better for law school as it is not only inclusively structured but also designed with the needs of a part-time student in mind. As I was pursuing the course whilst serving my full-time National Service, I felt that availability of audio recordings, the ease with which I could approach the teaching staff and the high level of student-teacher interaction greatly helped me stay attuned with the class even when I missed lessons.

Gaurav Jaiswal

1st Year University College London

I was a student at ITC in 2015 enrolled on the UOL Certificate of Higher Education in Common Law programme. The lessons at ITC are very focussed and geared towards the examinations and this was instrumental in helping me secure a place in Birmingham University to read law. The UOL programmme also gave me the necessary skills to excel in University like critical thinking, logical reasoning and the ability to formulate sound arguments. The lecturers at ITC are always willing to go the extra mile & the lessons are very focussed making law very easy to understand and enjoyable.

Jake Koh

1st Year University of Birmingham

Enrolling in ITC turned out to be a life-changing decision. I have now successfully completed my Diploma and am in UK, reading Law at the University of Sheffield. Compared to my peers who did not do the diploma, I have a better understanding and grasp of the subjects. I would recommend ITC because it is not just a school, but a family. The lecturers are very kind and nurturing and still keep in contact and assist me even though I have graduated.

Shabira Banu

2nd Year LL.B University of Sheffield

The Diploma in Law at ITC School of Laws was a delightful initiation to the law. It allowed me to discover if I was made out to pursue law and has given me the foundation that a first year student would greatly benefit from. The lecturers are extremely competent and well versed in their subjects. Simply put, if you are considering a career in law, this is the place to be.

Reuben Rajandran

2nd Year LL.B SOAS, University of London

I was drawn to law partly by the opportunity to improve my intellectual skills, and partly because of its practical application, even though I have no plans to work as a lawyer. Often, reports I write or investigations I conduct are used by lawyers to resolve legal issues, with my work providing the factual basis to which they apply the law. If I can understand better what they need to know, I can tailor my work accordingly. But even if I am not working with lawyers, just being able to write clear and concise reports, focussing on the key issues in a logical fashion, and justifying my conclusions, is an extremely valuable skill.

Chris Matten

Partner, Financial Services Industry Practice
PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP Singapore

A University of London Law degree provides a distinct advantage in my professional dental practice. With committed staff and excellent academic materials, ITC is the best place to obtain this credential.

Dr Kenji Chin

(Private Practice)

The LLB from the University of London has been extremely beneficial in crystallizing various concepts and issues in the shipping industry. It has also helped create a greater understanding and awareness of several key concepts, which have everyday relevance. Being in the commercial department of my organization, the legal knowledge has proved relevant to me in my job.

ITC came highly recommended to me .The lectures have been extremely informative and well structured. The materials provided as well as the discussions in the class have been extremely useful. Given that ITC has been handling the external system students for quite some time, their approach has been tailored specifically for students like us and that is a big plus for me.

Punit Oza

Chartering Manager

Occupying managerial positions in the banking industry, we decided to upgrade ourselves by pursuing a Law degree and the analytical skills that we acquired in the process have been invaluable in our workplace.

Thomson & Pea Ee

Manager & Vice President
(Banking Industry)

I am thankful to ITC School of Laws for giving me the opportunity to read Law at the University of London International Programmes. Although the Upper Second Class honours LLB degree I received did not automatically allow me to practice law in Singapore, I found it extremely useful in the course of my work and it writing papers for Senior Management, both at the Statutory Board and the Ministry-level. Legal training has honed my reasoning skills and allowed me to analyse issues from different perspectives. A law degree has also opened opportunities for me to explore overseas posting and training avenues.

Joshua Lau

Centre Director (North China)
InfoComm Development Authority of Singapore (IDA)
Assistant Consultant (InfoComm Sect.)
Consulate-General of the Republic of Singapore, Shanghai
2nd Class Upper (Honours) Degree

Working as a legal negotiator in various investment banks, I decided to pursue the LL.B with UOL. I chose ITC School of Laws on the basis that it conducts rigorous preparatory classes and is exceptional in cultivating an analytical mind that is able to tackle even the most creative of questions posed by examiners. ITC lecturers are always prepared to walk the extra mile and put it an additional hour of work simply to bring out the best in each student. While the road to “success” is not an easy one, it is definitely worth it because the “endgame” is really not about obtaining the diploma/degree but rather developing, and becoming equipped with, a clear, concise and critical thought process that is capable of providing an extra edge for professionals, regardless of the industry that one works in.

Matthew Chua

Manager – Legal Advisor
(Asset Management)
2nd Class Upper (Honours) Degree

ITC lecturers positively shaped my career path and I attribute my passion for the law to my experience with them. The rigour of the University of London Law Degree has equipped me with the necessary knowledge and skills to hold my own at the UK Bar and has given me an advantage in the international job market.

Manochitra Prathaban

Assistant Trial Lawyer
Office of the Prosecutor
International Criminal Court

Employers in the legal industry are well aware of and fully appreciate the stellar reputation of the University of London LL.B and that the examinations are graded on the same standards as that of an internal student in one of the lead colleges of the University. As such, this Degree has found tremendous favour with my current employer and that gave me an edge over the rest of the applicants during my interview. The rigorous nature of distance learning involving balancing work and studies was greatly smoothened over by ITC School of Law’s high level of commitment in upholding academic excellence. Needless to say, therefore, graduating with 2nd Class Upper Honours has exponentially increased my chances of securing gainful employment.

Derek Ong

Legal Counsel (MNC)
2nd Class Upper (Honours) Degree

I was keen to stay in the technology sector but wanted to move into a field that allowed me to leverage my existing knowledge and experience with legal work.

Michael Peevy

Global Agreements Manager